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9 Quick Q’s with Chris and Nicole

  1. Favorite non-juice item on the menu?

Nicole: Orange Fusion Smoothie

Chris: Green Goddess Smoothie and Buttered Mushroom Bone Broth

2. Favorite juice on the menu?

N: Hot Shot! I love the turmeric, honey, and black pepper combo.

C: Daily Detox

3. Biggest source of inspiration for new recipes?

N: I absolutely love coming up with all of our recipes on my own in our kitchen. However, the inspiration comes when we visit places like LA and are out and about!

C: Traveling and experiencing different foods and cultures.

4. Best thing about running your own business?

N: Being creative and having no boundaries on what I can come up with. 

C: I like being able to work with great people and to be creative in my role as an owner. 

5. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

N: In 5 years I see us having a few more locations in the area and beyond. 

C: In 5 years I would like to be tapped in to some new markets and business opportunities.

6. If you could open any other type of business what would it be?

N:  I just made that dream come true! In July, I opened a green beauty and skin spa right in De Pere 2 minutes away from Bona Fide. Called Verde.

C: A printing business!

7. Favorite place to travel?

N: I love to travel LA, they are so ahead of the game on all things health and wellness. 

C: Nicole and I love going to LA for a getaway. 

8. How do you spend your free-time?

N: Free time is minimal, but when I have it, I enjoy spending it with Chris and a cocktail.

C: Books. I love to read. 

9. How do you maintain a healthy lifestyle? 

N:  It’s all about balance. I practice eating healthy, drinking bone broth, and use very clean products. One way to maintain a healthy lifestyle is having access to quick healthy options, and that is why we opened Bona Fide!

C: I like to plan out my week by preparing meals and a to-do list ahead of time.

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