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Meet Bona Fide’s Juice Cleanses


A juice cleanse involve consuming only fruit & vegetable juice for short periods of time – often between one and three days. This process enables the body to undergo intense detoxification while flooding it with live nutrients and enzymes from freshly cold-pressed juice; aiding to rid the body of added sugars, processed & refined foods, and kick-start a transition to healthier habits. Accumulated toxins in the body can be responsible for potential mental & physical imbalances, making them vital to release. While the body experiences the effects of a cleanse, energy normally spent on digestion is free to be redirected into the brain, skin, liver, and other neglected regions of the body.

Juice cleanses have been linked to numerous health benefits, and researchers [1] at the University of California, Los Angeles studied the effects of a three-day juice cleanse, finding that juice cleanses can be linked to:

  • promoting a healthy metabolism and overall gut health by increasing gut bacteria Cyanobacteria & Bacteridetes, two bacteria that play an important role in the gastrointestinal tract & the development of the immune system
  • exhibit high antioxidant activity due to diverse phenolic compounds that contribute to health benefits like disease prevention & protecting cells from free radicals, which can damage cells and accelerate aging
  • contribute to weight loss
    • UCLA study found about 50% of this weight loss was retained two weeks after the cleanse
  • improving heart health by reducing nitric axide (NO) levels in the blood stream; which aids to relax blood vessels and increasing blood flow, putting less stress on your heart

It might be time to cleanse when you experience signs of physical and mental imbalances, such as a weakened immune system, troubled skin, low moods & energy, sleeplessness, poor digestion, and feeling & looking dreary.


Level One of the Reset Cleanse is our most popular cleanse, and a perfect place to start for beginners. This cleanse is loaded with nutrients that will energize and provide a great starting point for kick-starting clean eating habits.

Level Two of the Reset Cleanse is intended for experienced juice drinkers & those who have cleansed before and are ready to take it to the next level. It’s packed with our most nutrient-dense juices and will have you feeling like your best self in no time!

We offer between two and five day cleanse orders, available for pick-up the next day when you order before 2:00 pm. When you pick up your cleanse, we provide instructions for before, during, and after your cleanse to help make the journey as enjoyable as possible! With New Year’s upon us it is a perfect opportunity to rid your body of the toxins that have built up over the course of the last year, and reset to begin 2022! When you’re ready to order – click HERE!




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  1. Molly

    During the juice cleanse, are you to only drink the juice and not eat anything?

    1. Patty

      I just picked up mine today too. They said instructions were on line, but I couldn’t couldn’t find them. She did tell me that I could have black coffee, herbal teas, and if my body was having a difficult time with this, then I could add a small clean salad or soup/broth.
      Hope this helps.

      Please add instructions. Thanks

      1. Michelle

        Were you able to find the instructions?
        I’d really like to do the cleanse however I’d like to be fully prepared.
        Thank you!

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