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National Smoothie Day: Quick Facts

It’s National Smoothie Day! Smoothies are a big part about what make our business so special, so it is only fitting that today we take a moment to appreciate what our smoothies so great!

The history of smoothies is still relatively short

Just about 100 years ago, in 1926, the owner of an orange juice stand blended a few choice ingredients with orange juice creating the first smoothie as we know them today. By the 1960’s, smoothies became a staple of the health food industry.

Smoothies are a fantastic source of essential vitamins and nutrients

Smoothies are primarily composed of various fruits and vegetables; and because of this they are absolutely loaded with various vitamins and minerals. Strawberries, blueberries, mango, and pineapple are primary components in many of our smoothies.

Smoothies are extremely sweet – in the best way possible

Fruits contain natural sugar, which is digested slower than added sugars. Slower processing helps maintain metabolism over time, and elevates blood glucose levels for longer periods of time.

Our seasonal Pina Colada smoothie, available only in the summer!

At Bona Fide, we have a variety of smoothies that offer a multitude of flavors.

Some of our smoothies are boosted by a scoop of vegan plant-based protein, such as the PB & Greens or Pink Velvet; some fortified with a serving of greens like the Green Goddess, Vitality, and PB & Greens; some including a scoop of nut butter for satiability, like the Almond Butter Blue and PB & Greens; and some providing a refreshing boost of hydration like the Beach Bum and Orange Fusion.

Our wide variety of flavors ensures that there is a smoothie (or a few) for everyone, along with healthy servings of fruits and vegetables. While it’s National Smoothie day today, every day is a good day for a smoothie.


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