Optimal Self Cleanse


Great for: Detoxification, Gut Health, Anti-Inflammatory, Bloating, Brain Fog, Energy Levels

Start your day with a crisp, pure green juice, shortly after, you will enjoy a warm protein-packed bone broth to sip on throughout the morning. Around lunch, you will experience the wonderful earthy flavor of a cold-pressed beet juice blend! Mid-day, you’ll enjoy the Immunity Detox Lemonade, sweetened with a hint of energy boosting honey – perfect for your workout plans. Once the day is winding down, it will be time for you to have your second pure green juice of the day. And best of all, you get to indulge in a fan-favorite, the Toasted Cinnamon Milk, made with activated cashews and lightly sweetened with dates. ($50 value)

Each day consists of:
1 Pure Greens

1 Bone Broth

1 Beet Juice

1 Immunity Detox Lemonade

1 Pure Greens

1 Toasted Cinnamon Milk


*We special make all your juices the day of the requested time at checkout. Unfortunately, we cannot offer a refund if they are not picked up in time due to the juice going bad. 

Your juice may be swapped out for a juice of equal nutritional value. Ex. green juice for a green juice, beet juice for a beet juice. Depending on seasonality, availability, and our juicing schedule. Don’t worry, it won’t mess up your cleanse!

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