Optimal Self Cleanse


Brought back by popular demand! We are offering a limited number of cleanses available for pickup on Monday the 16th.

Unlike other cleanses that may deprive your body of essential nutrients, Bona Fide’s Optimal Self Cleanse is designed to nourish you over the course of 2 days with a range of healing herbs, minerals, collagen, protein, and superfoods. Free of gluten, dairy, added sugar, & inflammatory ingredients. This cleanse will have you feeling your Optimal Self all while nourishing you from the inside out. All of our broth bones are sourced from Waseda Farms in Sister Bay, WI.

Get your orders in! We will be shutting orders off as soon as we have reached our maximum threshold of cleanses we can handle.

What you receive (16oz):
(2) Mushroom Matcha
(2) Golden Hour Shake
(2) Immunity Broth
(2) Beef Broth
(2) Chicken Broth
(2) 6 Beet Blend

•You will be sent instructions within 24 hours of ordering your cleanse to help you prepare.
•There are approved foods you can eat while on this cleanse, as it is not a traditional cleanse which traditionally result in being hungry and tired. Approved foods will be listed in the instructions.

*We special make all your juices the day of the requested time at checkout. Unfortunately, we cannot offer a refund if they are not picked up in time due to the juice going bad.

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