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Bona Fide’s Shots

Our shots are condensed, concentrated cold-pressed juices packed into a 2oz bottle. While small, our shots provide intense flavors and substantial health benefits. These shots afford benefits as a function of the ingredients in each bottle.

Our Aloe Shot is derived from the aloe vera plant, a succulent with tall fleshy leaves where the juice is found. It’s loaded with vitamins, enzymes, minerals, amino acids, and salicylic acids.

  • The plant is very water-dense, making aloe vera extremely hydrating
    • This helps detox the body and flush out impurities
  • Rich in vitamins A, C, and E are antioxidants that neutralize free radicals
    • Vitamin B12 is essential to keeping the body’s nerve and blood cells healthy
  • Loaded with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids
    • Vitamins A, C, and E are antioxidants that neutralize free radicals
    • Rich in calcium, chromium, copper, selenium, magnesium, manganese, potassium, and zinc
    • Provides 20 of the 22 human required amino acids and 7 of the 8 essential amino acids
  • The combination of aloe vera’s water density and abundance of nutrients result in an anti-aging effect
    • Hydration can aid in reducing frequency of acne, and reduce conditions like psoriasis
    • Compounds in aloe vera have shown evidence of neutralizing the effect of UV radiation
    • Aloe vera stimulates fibroblasts, which are responsible for producing collagen and elastin fibers that make the skin more elastic (and less wrinkled)
  • Enzymes present help break down fats and sugars to smooth the process of digestion
  • Interaction with growth factor receptors and active components of aloe vera significantly increases collagen synthesis, aiding the bodies healing process
    • This accelerates wound contraction and increased the breaking strength of resulting scar tissue

The Flu Shot is comprised of ginger, lemon, and cayenne pepper. Thanks to these ingredients, it packs a spicy (and nutritious) punch. Ginger has been used to treat an assortment of medical conditions for centuries, and recent scientific evidence has confirmed its effectiveness.

  • Ginger possesses antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-nausea, and anticancer properties
    • Ginger root contains an extremely high level of total antioxidants (surpassed only by pomegranate and various berries)
    • An anti-inflammatory substance known as gingerol is present in ginger
    • Studies indicate ginger is a more effective treatment for nausea than dimenhydrinate (Dramamine)
    • Various mechanisms have been proposed to explain the anticancer activities of ginger
      • Its antioxidant activity
      • The ability to induce apoptosis and decrease proliferation
      • Suppressing activator protein 1 and NF-κB/COX-2 signaling pathways
  • Cayenne peppers are rich in capsaicin
    • This active compound promotes weight loss, increases satiety, boosts metabolism, fights inflammation, relieves pain, and bolsters heart health
  • Lemons serve as an excellent source of vitamin C and improve immune function

The Hot Shot comprises turmeric, ginger, Camu Camu, oil of oregano, echinacea, black pepper, honey, apple, and lemon. These ingredients complement one another well, providing a tasty (and as the name would imply, hot) flavor and bringing out the most in each of their health benefits.

  • Turmeric contains curcumin, a nutrient that serves as a powerful anti-oxidant
    • Curcumin gained popularity due to evidence that indicates it may aid in fighting cancer cells and Alzheimer’s disease
    • The bioavailability of curcumin is low, making it difficult for the body to absorb
      • We enhance the absorption in the GI tract by combining turmeric with other ingredients like ginger and black pepper
    • Turmeric is additionally rich in iron and manganese
  • Black pepper contributes in more than just aiding curcumin absorption
    • It itself is plentiful in antioxidants, and provides anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, gastro-protective, and antidepressant activities
  • Oregano oil possesses antimicrobial, antiviral, and anti-fungal properties
    • Compounds present are also antioxidants and anti-inflammatory
  • Echinacea helps stimulate the immune system
    • This stimulation has an antiviral effect, helping the immune system effectively fight infection

The Vitamin C shot combines Camu Camu, orange, pineapple, lemon, lime, and strawberry, creating a sweet flavor and powerful boost of nutrients. These ingredients are rich in vitamin C, an antioxidant responsible for protecting the body from free radicals.

  • Free radicals: atoms that have an unpaired electron; this causes them to search for another electron to stabilize themselves
    • Free radicals come about from normal metabolic processes, but external factors like air pollutants, cigarette smoking, and industrial chemicals can contribute as well
    • This process can contribute to various health problems, including cardiovascular and antioxidant disease, cataract, and cancer
    • These free radicals are counteracted by vitamin C
  • That’s not all vitamin C can do
    • It’s essential for collagen production
    • Improves the absorption of iron from plant-based sources
    • Helps the immune system work efficiently to prevent disease
  • Camu Camu are small, sour berries abundant in vitamin C and antioxidant compounds
    • Contains polyphenols (ellagic acid, ellagitannins, proanthocyanidins) that fight off free radicals; in addition to providing anti-inflammatory benefits
    • Quercetin is a plant pigment present in Camu Camu, which has been linked to improved cognitive function

Our Wheatgrass Shot is a shot of pure, concentrated wheatgrass juice. Wheatgrass has long been considered a superfood by many, due to its powerful combination of nutrients that give it antioxidant, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties.

  • It is rich in minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium, amino acids, and vitamins A, C, E, K, and B-complex.
    • These nutrients help rid the body of toxins and support healthy liver function
    • This detoxification can provide relief for symptoms like bloating, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and other digestive issues
    • This detoxifying can result in improved energy levels
  • Wheatgrass is known to boost metabolism and immune system
    • By stimulating the thyroid gland, wheatgrass boosts metabolism
    • Wheatgrass is nutrient-dense, meaning it helps you stay fuller for more extended periods
      • Eliminating cravings helps maintain a healthy metabolism
    • The nutrients and minerals in wheatgrass bolster the immune system and help ward off infections and diseases
  • The presence of chlorophyll lowers blood pressure
    • By increasing blood count, chlorophyll helps normalize blood pressure and is thought to purify blood and improve circulation

These five shots are a staple of our coolers, year round. While they each possess flavors and benefits unique to them individually, all of our shots have in thing in common: they simplify the process of getting nutrients essential to your health.


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