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The Holidays Are Here!

The holidays have officially arrived at Bona Fide, and we’re excited to unwrap a gift for you all. Say hello to our limited-edition winter menu!

A holiday-inspired spin on our fan-favorite Chocoholic smoothie bowl; the Peppermint Hot Chocolate bowl (bananas, cacao, chocolate protein, almond milk; topped with house granola, graham crackers, crushed candy cane, chocolate chips) will satisfy your Christmas craving! It’s rich blend of peppermint and organic cacao make for a delicious & nutritious base.

Peppermint oil has been used for thousands of years for health purposes; and today it promoted for irritable bowel syndrome aid, other digestive issues, the common cold, sinus infections, and headaches. Additionally, it’s rich flavor perfectly encapsulates the holiday season.

While the name has a bad reputation, The Grinch smoothie (matcha, spinach, vegan vanilla protein, bananas, coconut milk) comes bearing all the holiday cheer!

The Grinch gets its green hue from the matcha & spinach combination, and an abundance of nutritional benefits too. Matcha is a superfood that contains a high amount of antioxidant & anti-inflammatory effects. Regular consumption has been found to bolster the body’s efforts to maintain health & prevent disease!

Chai makes it’s return from our fall seasonal menu, this time in our Vanilla Chai smoothie (banana, chai, vegan vanilla protein, cinnamon, almond milk)! The smoothie combines the warm flavor of vanilla with the sweet spiced flavor of chai, perfect for the chilly days ahead.

We use a black tea based chai, which is rich in powerful antioxidants, other compounds that have the potential to decrease inflammation. Black tea has been linked to reducing risk for heart & cardiovascular disorders, improving blood pressure, and decreasing the risk of cancer.

This is season dedicated to joy & cheer, and we hope these limited-time treats help make your holidays extra special. Stop in and try them soon!


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